10 beautiful ways to transform clay pots in the garden

Those old clay pots in your garden can be so much more. Sure, they’re great planters — but they can easily be transformed into stunning accent pieces like outdoor tables, lanterns, bird feeders and even water fountains.
What’s great about working with clay pots is that you probably have a few lying around you can spare for a project. And if not, they’re cheap to buy and easy to find. These are great weekend projects to revamp your garden, add some design to your patio or just a little whimsy to your backyard.
Check out our list below to get started!
1. Lanterns
We love this project because it is so simple but so elegant. Use this DIY by the blog Family Chic to create wonderful summer centerpieces, walkway lanterns or patio decorations.
2. Wreath
We have seen many beautiful wreaths in our day, but this clay pot wreath by blogger Sweet Pepper Rose is something totally new! We adore the aesthetic and that she’s filled it with trendy, cute little succulents. This will look great displayed both inside and outside.
3. Table

Yep, this chic outdoor table is just a clay pot painted and revamped! It looks like it came out of a department store, though, right? We adore this look and how easy this DIY project is by Thrifty and Chic.
4. Paint
OK, this one might seem like a no-brainer, but we loved this DIY by the blog Renewed Projects and couldn’t resist. She turned old terracotta pots into these shabby-chic, rustic planters — and we can’t get enough.
5. Hanging bird feeder

This super simple do-it-yourself project by the Garden Roof Coop is elegant and pretty. We love the natural look of this one with the original terracotta, but you can also paint this bird feeder too.
6. Birdbath or feeder
This creative, whimsical bird feeder by blogger Home Stories A to Z also doubles as a pretty planter. The birds are going to love it and your neighbors are going to wonder how you made something so pretty.
7. Herb tower
Turn those old, dirty clay pots into something useful like a gorgeous herb garden. This one by Martha Stewart looks great on the front porch, but if put in the garden, will also keep these delicious (but often invasive) plants away from the rest of your plants.
8. Succulent sphere

Better Homes and Garden featured this project which transforms terracotta pots into an absolutely stunning sphere. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before and it is definitely going to be a show-stopper in your garden!
9. Fountain
Turn your garden into an oasis by adding a gorgeous fountain made of old terracotta pots. We love this DIY project by blogger Flying Kitten because it is simple and beautiful. You’re going to love admiring this project all summer long!
10. Garden wall
Check this out! The bloggers over at AKA Design created this beautiful garden wall with some wood planks, chicken wire and small clay pots. This is a wonderful way to separate your garden and patio, or simply make a statement. Fill them up with herbs or succulents — either way, this garden will look great.
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