The 10 Most Dangerous Waters in the World

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Most people can’t imagine their vacation without some body of water nearby, be it a lake or an ocean. But there are waters on our planet that can be deadly for revelers.


10. Great Blue Hole, Belize

Tides turn the Great Blue Hole into a huge vortex that draws in everything on the surface, while ebbs make it spout huge columns of water. Despite all this, though, there still are many who want to see this hole because Jacques Cousteau himself called it one of the best places for diving on Earth.

9. Jacob’s Well, Texas, USA

This 30-foot deep natural well with crystal clear water is one of the most dangerous diving places in the world. At the bottom of Jacob’s Well there are several entrances to a broad network of caves that many are unable to leave.

8. Lake Michigan, USA

Lake Michigan is almost as notorious as the Bermuda Triangle because it’s over this lake that one of the most horrible air crashes in North America occurred for no logical reasons.

Riddles aside, the lake is a real danger due to its suddenly forming currents that, according to some sources, take several dozens of lives each year.

7. Lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Natron is one of the saltiest and most alkaline lakes on Earth, covered with a salt crust that’s sometimes colored red. The water temperature reaches 120°F (50°C) in certain places, which makes it, along with alkalinity, almost unfit for life. Only three kinds of fish live here, adapting to the extreme conditions.

6. Blue Hole, Dahab

The Blue Hole is possibly the most dangerous place for diving in the world as many divers have died in this 400-foot deep cave. Experienced divers say, though, that properly trained people with experience can dive without fear: the cause of death is usually nitrogen narcosis or insufficient air capacity upon ascent.

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