10 reasons why mesh will forever change the way you craft

Deco mesh is the perfect material for many craft projects. It is a flexible fabric mesh, yet holds its shape well. This makes it ideal for bows, wreaths, and garlands. Today’s most popular holiday DIY crafts feature this fun material in numerous ways.
These tutorials showcase how easy it is to use deco mesh for craft projects. All you need are a few simple supplies and a little creativity to create amazing home decor with deco mesh.
1. Shape the perfect bow
Making a deco mesh bow isn’t difficult if you follow Time with Thea’s easy tutorial. She has a secret weapon in her craft box to help her control the sometimes unruly deco mesh material: a metal binder clip. It gives you that extra set of hands you need to hold things in place.
2. Create a curly mesh wreath
Curly mesh wreaths are a huge crafting craze. They look big and fabulous, but can be created in less than an hour. Dina at My Un-Entitled Life gives us great tips for making a perfect curly mesh wreath in very little time. A little preparation goes a long way. She recommends attaching pipe cleaners to your wire frame first. You then simply twist them around your mesh to hold it in place.
3. Make a quick deco mesh wreath
Craft projects are quick and easy with deco mesh. This simple and elegant wreath is created by just looping the deco mesh and holding it in place with pipe cleaners. The Clumsy Crafter uses pipe cleaners in the same color as her mesh to avoid having to worry about them peaking through. In less than ten minutes, you can have your own deco mesh wreath by following her easy steps here.
4. Grow a mesh flower garden
These flowers are so easy to create that Amanda created them in her first craft session working with craft mesh. You don’t have to figure it out for yourself, she has great tutorials for many different types of flowers. Use your DIY mesh flowers to brighten up a room, welcome spring or for a shower. ​
5. Decorate your mailbox
If you love to decorate, this is the DIY craft for you. Nothing stands out more than a curly deco mesh mailbox topper. All you need is deco mesh, ribbon, zip ties, and a wire mailbox topper form. Miss Kopy Kat shows you how easy it is in her simple tutorial.
6. Wrap a gift
Deco mesh is excellent for wrapping oddly shaped items. The wide variety of colors can be matched to any occassion, from baby showers and birthday gifts to holiday celebrations. Mardi Gras Outlet’s creative idea for deco mesh wrapping a bottle of wine is showcased here.
7. Craft a fancy witches hat
This charming deco mesh witch hat looks complicated, but is really quite simple. Trendy Tree takes you step-by-step through the easy process. The secret to the unique hat shape is to use a tree-shaped wreath form from your local craft supply store.
8. Harvest a pumpkin wreath
A simple wire wreath form becomes a classic white pumpkin with a little white mesh and creativity. My Chaos Crossing didn’t even need a glue gun. She used inexpensive pipe cleaners from her local craft store to secure her mesh and fall decor to the frame.
9. Build a snowman
Transform you Christmas tree into a magical snowman with white deco mesh and a few craft supplies. This mesh snowman tree is sure to thrill everyone who sees it. Visit Crafty Morning for more snowman tree inspiration. Check out the addition of the boots under the tree for a finished look!
10. Frame your door with garland
Deco mesh has a stiffness that allows it to hold its shape very well. This makes it an ideal craft item for festive holiday garlands. It combines well with ribbons and other holiday items to create a beautiful deco mesh garland. Frame doors, windows and fireplaces with your own homemade garland by following this tutorial.
Your crafting options are endless with deco mesh. The wide variety of available colors let you customize your wreaths, bows, and garlands to match any season or decor. Share how you craft easy DIY projects with your friends on Facebook!