11 Brilliantly Simple DIY Shoe Storage Hacks

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  1. Pyramid Organizer

    These put the pyramids of Egypt to shame! Well…maybe not in grandeur, but for your own personal functionality, absolutely. This triangular set-up is a creative way to store your shoes in style.

  2. Gym Locker

    Talk about effortless cool. Re-purposing an old gym locker is a super chic way to store your shoes, for guys and ladies.

  3. Rolling Storage Bins

    Similar to your under-bed crate storage, these rolling bins can hold your shoes and roll out of sight when you desperately need the space. Tiny apartment with lots of heels? This is your go-to hack.

  4. Lazy Susan

    A Lazy Susan isn’t just great for your kitchen spices, you can also use this giant version to have easy-to-access shoes always. Does this qualify as an excuse to buy more shoes? We think so.

Do you store you shoes in a creative way? Share your storage ideas in the comments section below.

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