11 Pictures of Mothers and Daughters Who Miraculously Look the Same Age

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Blessed with amazing genes, many moms pass their DNA to their children who become spitting images of them. We see this the most with daughters who look like mini versions of their mothers when they’re little.


It’s amazing to see the resemblance when these kids grow up, and in some cases, it seems like the mothers are ageless. Youth is retained as time passes (or is suspended) and you can’t really tell the difference between a mama and her babies.


You’ve seen it with some celeb moms like Reese Witherspoon, Lisa Bonet, or Demi Moore. Where did the time go? Down below is a list from around the world of moms and their daughters who could pass as sisters. Sisters, I tell ya! You’ll be wondering what the secret is for some of these women who don’t look a day over 25.



Looks Like Triplets

moms wardellsNatalie Wardell via Instagram

This Australian family’s story went viral earlier this year. Mom Natalie Wardell is pictured here with two of her daughters. She’s on the left!


Beauty Maven

young looking momsMakeupByKimaris via Instagram

This professional makeup artist mama is pictured with only one of her gorgeous daughters. Beauty genes run in the fam! Mom is on the right.



birthday mom daughterOmarMedinaFilms via Pixabay

Though the birthday girl is celebrating her quinceañera, her mom still looks very close to being a teenager herself.


Family History of Modeling

moms lebonAmber Le Bon via Instagram

Yasmin Le Bon is a former model who is stunning at 52, and she’s pictured here with Amber (28), one of her children with husband and Duran Duran singer, Simon Le Bon.


They Wake Up Like This

moms taiwanese womenLure Hsu via Instagram

Guess who’s mom! Taiwanese blogger Lure Hsu is pictured here on the left with her 63-year-old mom in the middle, and one of her sisters, Sharon. Sharon is 36 while the other sister is 40.

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