11 Pictures of Mothers and Daughters Who Miraculously Look the Same Age

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Acting Dynasty

mom daughter featuredB4U via Twitter

Actress Shweta Bachchan Nanda and her aspiring actress daughter Navya (20) are constantly mistaken for sisters.


The Mahomes

mom lookalike daughtersTwitter

The internet is still confused about this one. They are not triplets, but a mom and her twin daughters. Can you tell who’s who? Mom Tina is 36 in this photo!



moms jaycee kohlJaycee Kohl via Standard Examiner

This cute mom and daughter duo actually won a lookalike contest in their hometown. Can you see why?


Lookalike Contestants

moms daughters contestJulie

Another mom and daughter pair who entered a local contest in the St. Louis area. I can’t tell which one is the teenager and which is the mom. Amazing!


Double Vision

moms daughter ambroseEbony Ambrose

If you’re stumped by these two beauties, don’t feel ashamed. Squinting won’t help you discern which is the mom and which is the daughter. We’ll help: mom Ebony is on the right with the curls.


Wait, What?

moms journalist daughterJulia Bordovsky via Instagram

Journalist Julia Bordovsky is pictured here with her teenage daughter who looks like a carbon copy. You’d never guess that mom is 47!

We know that ageless and lookalike wonders aren’t just limited to moms and daughters. There are fathers and sons, moms and sons, and dads and daughters. These folks really walk among us.


Some of you can probably relate to these families and have your own “I still get carded” stories to share. People mistake your children for your siblings or your significant others. It’s weird but take it as a compliment!


What do you think of these mother-daughter photos? Are you a mom who looks young enough to be your child’s sister? Have you ever entered a contest and thrown people for a loop?

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