11 Smart Fashion Tips for the Over 40 Crowd

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7. Find Jeans That Fit

Find a style that fits your body style perfectly and buy a couple of pairs. (Check out this guide we put together to help you find a style that fits your body style.)

8. Accessorize With Style

Take that nice outfit to a wow outfit with accessories! Trendy jewelry, scarves and bags help you keep that cool mom vibe.

Doesn’t she look great? 



9. Don’t Let Eyewear Date You

Keep your frames up to date and slightly trendy.

See how her trendy frames keep you looking young and fashionable? 



10. Know Your Palette

Do yourself a favor and figure out what colors you can wear and which ones you should avoid. Only wear the colors that flatter you.

11. Don’t Get Boring

We can’t stress this enough. Wear that leather biker jacket you love or trade out a classic black pump for a hot pink one. Keep it interesting, you’re 40, not dead!

We want to be friends with this lady! She’s got serious style.


Source: fashion_unfolded_by_mandy

Image Source: Big Stock

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