11 Smart Fashion Tips for the Over 40 Crowd

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You’ve finally hit the big 4-0. You’re officially all grown up, which means it’s time to make some fashion changes that reflect that maturity.

Please don’t confuse maturity with old. They are not the same. Maturity is independent, powerful and dignified. This means is that just because the flirty, skin-revealing fashions from the junior department fit you, doesn’t mean they really suit you.

Obviously you can dress however you like, but if you are ready to update your style, these tips are perfect for you.

Fashion Tips for the Over-40 Crowd:

1. Flatter Your Assets

Do not buy anything that does not flatter your figure, no matter how trendy it is.

2. Don’t Be Matchy-Matchy

Mix things up. Remember we said mature, not old! Mix a fun jacket with a pair of pants or wear that structured jacket with a casual pair of jeans to keep your look playful. Wear fun patterns and prints with solids to stay fresh.

See how cute these camo pants are when paired with a simple denim shirt? 



3. Balance is Key

Don’t wear a tight skirt with a tight top. Wear one piece of fitted clothing at a time pairing it with something less fitted.

4. Undergarments Are Your Best Friend

Make sure you have high-quality undergarments that perform as they should. Bras will need to be replaced every 3-6 months as they lose their ability to hold “the girls” in place.

5. Wear Trendy Shoes

Wearing a trendy shoe with an age-appropriate outfit can mean the difference in stodgy and a cool, young vibe. You can still look mature, but with an edge.

We love these snake skin shoes.



6. Watch Skirt Length

A skirt that hits just above the knee is perfect for women over 40. Do not let a skirt hit you mid-calf. It is not flattering and turns mature into old very quickly.

This skirt is perfect. 



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