11 Tricks to Make Your Curly Hair Look Amazing

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  1. Pineapple Your Hair

  1. Speaking of nighttime routines, try a technique called “pineappling” with your dry curls. Flip your curls upside down and secure so that your hair won’t get mussed up on the pillow.

  2. Purification Shower Head

    If you think water purification is just for drinking water, you couldn’t be more wrong! This special shower head purifies water and balances your pH, keeping your hair healthy and strong,

  3. Grow Your Hair Out

    Curly girls can grow out their hair, too. You just have to figure out HOW to grow out your particular type of curls. Use this helpful infographic to figure how you should grow out your hair.

  4. How To Style Curly Hair

    This is the ultimate technique – I use it myself!

    When you get out of the shower, put product on the bottom 3/4 of your hair and brush it through with a comb. Then flip your hair, loosen your curls, and scrunch. When the curls are starting to form, put a diffuser on your blow dryer and dry your hair upside down. When the curls start to dry correctly, flip your hair up and dry curl with the diffuser into the style you want. The result? Lovely, frizz-free curls.

  5. Avoid Heat

At all costs, avoid intense heat on your curls! Embrace your natural texture (it’s beautiful, we promise) and nix using straightening irons, curling irons, and even blow dryers, too frequently.

Do you have any tricks to keep your curls looking amazing? Share them in the comments section below.

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