11 Tricks to Make Your Curly Hair Look Amazing

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Curly girls are special people with special hair, and sometimes those crazy curls need some extra TLC! No, we can’t just shower and go. Yes, we sometimes wish we could. Trust me, as someone who has lived with curly hair all my life, I know the struggles. But I also know how beautiful curly hair can be! Don’t be discouraged ladies with curly hair, there are ways to hack your luscious locks. Try any of these brilliant tricks to keep your hair manageable, frizz-free, and looking fabulous.

Invest in a Wide Tooth Comb


I know that we’re taught that if we have curly hair, we’re not supposed to comb our curls. But, luckily, there is a time and a tool to comb those curls!

Right when you get out of the shower, put product in your hair and comb it all the way through, even to the roots. This will distribute product without you putting oil directly on your roots, and a thicker comb will be less likely to snap in thicker hair.

Try Plopping Your Hair

Donata White

Drying curling hair with a regular towel is A BIG NO. The fibers in regular towels will mess up your hair, only causing frizz.

If you don’t want to avoid toweling off all together, dry your hair off with a t-shirt. The microfibers of a tee are much more gentle on curly hair. This technique, called plopping, is the best way to dry your hair without ruining the curls.

Avoid Triangle Head

The New Lighter Life

The worst nightmare of curly girls everywhere: the dreaded triangle head. This conundrum happens when the bottom of your hair poofs out and the top stays flat – resulting in an unflattering triangle shape. The trick to avoid it? Layers upon layers upon layers.

Figure Out What Curls You Have

Naturally Curly

The best way to address your curls? Figure out what kind of curls you have! Use this helpful chart to figure out where your curls fall.

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