11-Year-Old Dies After Being Forgotten In A Hot Car In Her Own Driveway

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With the weather only getting hotter and hotter as climate change takes a firm hold of global temperatures, it becomes an increasingly pressing matter to keep an eye on your children, especially in the car.

As it stands, far too many young children die more often than necessary from being left in hot cars – this year alone already sees the death of 37 children from heat stroke this way.

There’s now yet another tragic death to the list – an 11-year-old girl from the Long Island community, who was forgotten on a 92-degrees Fahrenheit day in the car parked in her family’s own driveway.



It is unclear how much time elapsed before her presence was missed, but police believe she may have simply slept through the hustle and bustle of her mother and two siblings leaving the car after running errands.

Image Credit: ABC News

As the mother reportedly believed all her children had exited the vehicle, it was only at 3:45pm EST did she then notice something was amiss and thought to check the back seat of her Ford Expedition.

Upon finding her daughter, who was already turning blue, the mother proceeded to call 911.

She was instructed by a dispatcher to bring the girl indoors and perform CPR, but unfortunately, by then, it was already too late.

Image Credit: LeeGoldbergABC7/Twitter

This was an unsurprising situation, given 92 degrees temperatures and the 101 heat index of the day of the accident in addition to the heatwave much of New York was in the middle of enduring.

According to a chart posted on Twitter by a local meteorologist, it was likely that the temperatures inside the car had soared to a blistering 130 degrees.

The tragic scene of the accident was reported by ABC News to have brought the neighbours and even veteran police officers to distraught tears over the loss of such a young life.

Image Credit: ixBlaZeRxi/Twitter

While the investigating authorities have yet to release any additional information or identifying details regarding the family, the internet is still abuzz with speculation.

Many Twitter users are sceptical over how this incident could have occurred, arguing that an 11-year-old child was more than capable of helping herself out of the car at any given time.

The general consensus seems to be that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

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