12 deep cleaning hacks that you need in your life

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7. Garbage disposal (h/t The Family Handyman)
There are plenty of ways to make your garbage disposal smell better, most of which involve dropping chunks of fruit into it. But making it smell good won’t matter much if you don’t actually clean your disposal. To ensure you’re giving it a deep clean, use a grease-cutting cleaner and a toothbrush to scrub under the splash guard. Just make sure the disposal is turned off so you don’t chop up your hand.
8. Toilet bowl brush (h/t Smart School House)
Cleaning your toilet is a fairly straightforward endeavor, but you can give it an even better clean if you take proper care of your toilet bowl brush. Do this by pouring lemon Pine-Sol into the brush holder. This will not only disinfect the brush between uses, but also give it an extra boost when used to clean the toilet.

9. Vacuums (h/t The Krazy Coupon Lady)
Other than emptying it out after every few uses, you probably don’t think too much about cleaning your vacuum. But have you ever noticed weird smells coming from it? You might just assume it’s getting old and overheated and then decide to buy a new one. A cheaper option, though, is to use the hose attachment to vacuum up a handful of Downy Unstopables or some ground cinnamon.
10. Baseboards (h/t The Country Chic Cottage)
By far, the easiest way to clean your baseboards is with a Magic Eraser. Just spray a little water on a section of your baseboard and scrub over it with the eraser. Continue this process until you’ve reached the end of your baseboards. If you’re having trouble cleaning in the corners, try a q-tip.
11. Stainless steel sinks (h/t Centsable Momma)
When it’s clean, stainless steel looks amazing. So you want to make sure it’s always shining and clean. Start by making a paste of water and baking soda. Scrub this around with a sponge, let it dry and then wipe it away with a damp cloth. When your sink is dry, sprinkle in a little flour and with a cloth, polish the steel. Rinse out the flour and let it dry. Finally, put a few drops of olive oil on a clean cloth and use that to shine the steel in your sink.
12. Shower doors (h/t Thrifty and Chic)
Of all the ways to clean your shower door, this might be one of the most unusual. Wet a dryer sheet and scrub the door with it. Then take a wet cloth and wipe away the soapy residue. If it still needs a little extra work, spray on some Windex to finish.
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