12 genius ways to repurpose door knobs you never knew

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Upgrade your curtain rods by adding a pop of color or a bit of glimmer to the ends. This little addition will polish off the entire look — and everyone will think you spent a fortune on rods!
7. Wine stoppers
Are these pretty, or what? They’ll look great in your kitchen and they also make great gift ideas. Give one of these with a brand new bottle of wine to surely impress!
8. Jewelry holder

Hang your jewelry in style with this wonderful diy jewelry organizer. Add a bunch of pretty knobs to a thick piece of wood — like an old table leg — or even just to a board. Now you can hang your jewelry and display it all in the prettiest way possible.
9. Garden decoration
These gorgeous garden decorations can be easily made at home with a little bit of ingenuity and some of your favorite vintage door knobs. We love the blue glass they used here, but, just about any old knobs are going to look beautiful.
10. Card or picture holders
Use the glass base of the old door knobs as a pretty little picture holder or card holder for your next dinner party. All you have to do is add some wire and coil it up at the top so you can fit your paper inside.
11. Wall art
Have you ever stumbled upon an old door knob and thought, ‘that’s so pretty it should be in a frame?’ Well, maybe you should do it. We don’t always have the right spot for those old knobs, or even others to pair them with for crafts like hooks. So, you can always just frame your prettiest knob and enjoy it as is!
12. Serving tray feet
Give your favorite serving tray an update by adding some wonderful vintage door knobs to the bottom. They’ll prop your tray up and off your furniture all while elevating the look of your piece.
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