12 stunning ways to recycle cereal boxes you wish you knew sooner

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7. Planter
How cute are these little planters by Lolly Jane? We love this idea because the options are only as limited as your imagination. Turn it into a cute animal shaped planter such as this or decorate with your favorite patterns.
8. Pocket notebook
This is another one of those back to school essentials that you can save some money on by making your own. Moleskine notebooks can be ridiculously expensive. Plus, these are so much cuter.

9. Animal masks
These felted animal masks are great for Halloween or even just a day of playing dress up. Let the kids choose their favorite animal and help them cut out the shapes to glue together to create the perfect wearable mask.
10. Pinatas 
Pinatas make for the perfect party no matter what your age is! What is better than breaking something just for candy to fly out everywhere? Don’t go to the store for your next birthday Pinata, make one yourself with just a few materials.
11. Magazine file
This magazine file is made out of cereal boxes and old maps but the best part about this project is that you can use whatever type of patterned paper you like to suit your own personal style while organizing your back issues.
12. Present Garland
Last but not least, you can use your old boxes to create handmade Christmas decorations! You can use them in your own house or gift them to friends for the holidays.
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