12 Ways To Give Old Doors New Life


  • Sprucing up your living space can either be simple or really difficult, depending how much you’re willing to spend and invest in terms of time. Buying an old door or reusing one you already have will save you tons of money, and you can have lots of fun putting your personality into the process and finished product. These doors have been given the chance to live again as shelves, coffee tables and garden decor. You don’t have to be highly skilled to do these DIYs with old doors, because the rougher they look, the more character they have.

1. Beverage Station

You don’t need to spend tons of money on wood to build this bar. Using an old door gives it a great vintage look, and the more weathered it looks, the better!

Tutorial: herecea67cd5-32cd-41a1-9818-ee1ea502641a_tablet

2. Door Shelf

Have an old door to get rid of, but need new shelves? This tutorial helps you get a great vintage look and you just need to reuse your old wood!


3. Illuminated Photo Door

Have an empty wall, an old door, lights, and photos to put up? You can fill up space in your home and put your pictures on display in the fanciest of ways.

Tutorial here.


4. Entry Bench

Hall Butlers are great for keeping your coats on and storing hats and gloves. To give yours a real homey look, try turning an old door into one!

Tutorial here.


5. TV Console

TV stands can be expensive, but by using an old door, you’ll save lots of money and give your living room a much more welcoming look!

Tutorial here.


6. Door Coffee Table

Coffee tables say a lot about your home — whether it’s warm and welcoming or you have to be on your best behavior and sit still. Create a vintage coffee table from an old door to make sure your home is  comfortable for everyone!

Tutorial here.


7. Corner Shelf

Finding the perfect shelf for the corner of your room can be difficult, so why not save yourself the trouble and make one yourself? This shelf will fit snugly in the corner with plenty of shelf space!

Tutorial here.


8. Planter Rack

This DIY is for an old cottage door! Gardening decor can get expensive, but using an old door will again save you money and give your garden more life!

Tutorial here.


9. Oversized Chair

Give your garden that cozy look with this oversized chair made from an old door!

Tutorial here.


10. Picture Frame

Big picture frames cost a fortune! So when you’re trying to find one big enough to reflect your family, try an old door. Memories are made when someone walks through it and what better way to honor those memories than by putting up photos of moments in time?

Tutorial here.


11. Picnic Table

If you need a quick vintage table, try repurposing an old door into a picnic table.

Tutorial here.


12. Chalkboard Memo Pad

Paint an old door with chalkboard paint and use it as a weekly calendar!