13 Holiday Pine Cone Craft Ideas

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Now that fall is finally here, and winter is right around the corner, it is time for great food, family, and crafts! If you are like me, you probably change up the decor of your house depending on what season it is. And one of the best items to decorate with during autumn is pine cones! Pine cones have always made great home decor. There are so many possibilities with these, and these crafts can be designed to fit your taste.

Below are 13 awesome DIY pine cone crafts for you to try by yourself or with some friends or family. Each craft requires simple material that you can get at any hobby store. Or, you may have the items you need in your house right now! If you live in an area where you cannot find pine cones naturally, you can also buy these at hobby stores at a good price, so don’t worry! Those in larger cities can still participate.

1. Pine Cone Name Placement Card Holders

Having family over for the holidays? Use pine cones to show people where to sit.

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2. Pine Cone Tree Branch Decor

This one is actually pretty simple. A great way to decorate your home for the holidays!

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3. Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Just imagine how beautiful this would look in your home!

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4. Pine Cone Wreath

This would look great on your door during the fall and winter months

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5. Pine Cone Turkey

A fun craft for you and the kids during Thanksgiving!

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6. Golden Pine Cone Tree

If you want a pine cone tree and don’t want to make it a Christmas tree, try this golden tree!

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7. Colorful Pine Cone Table Decor

This is an easier craft and you can paint them your favorite colors.

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