13 Things Kids Today Have Never Even Seen

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6. Floppy Disk


When I was in grade school, one of our school supplies requirements was a floppy disk! We had to save assignments on it and if we forgot one, it cost 10 cents to buy one from the teacher. You couldn’t even find a slot for one today if you wanted to.

7. Film Canisters

The Dark Room

There used to be a time that you had to actually frame and ration your pictures. You couldn’t snap 1,000 shots of the same thing and pick the best ones. You had on average 24 pictures per roll of film, and if you open the back where the film is held? Well, I hope you didn’t want to see those pictures.

8. Church Keys

Beer Table

I remember getting cans of apple juice and having to use one of these to open them! You’d poke a big hole on one side and then a smaller one on the other to let it flow a little better. It’s hard to imagine that we had to use these on pop cans, but we did!

9. Record Adapters


Kids today definitely know what records are, as they’re making a bit of a comeback. But the record adapters are pretty much nowhere to be found. If you wanted to play a seven-inch single record, you needed one of these so it would fit with your record player.

10. Library Card Catalogs

Wikimedia Commons

This was the original system we had to use before computers were around in order to find a book at the library. Send a kid in today to try and use one and they’d be lost for hours! I do think the computer is a better system, but it’s always good to know the old fashioned way of doing things.

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