13 Things Kids Today Have Never Even Seen

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11. Credit Card Imprinter


Credit cards weren’t as common as they are now, mainly because each transaction required calling your bank to complete it. Or if you were unlucky, the cashier would flip through a big book of “bad” credit card numbers. In both cases, an impression of your card was taken. It wasn’t a quick or easy process.

12. Typewriter Eraser


You needed a tough eraser for tough typewriter paper, and this did the trick! The brush was to get rid of any little rubber bits left behind, because the last thing you needed was a jam in the machine.

13. Green Stamps

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Green stamps were essentially a points program, but instead of being exclusive to one store it was multiple. Any store that said “we distribute Green Stamps” was guaranteed to have good business. You could save up the stamps to buy yourself things, though it did take quite a few.

14. Milk Chute


Now it’s probably a safety hazard because kids would get locked in it, but the milk chute was a necessary addition to any house. Milkmen would put your order in the chute to keep it safe while you were out. Obviously there are no milk men anymore, but these chutes can still be seen in older houses!

15. Tube Testers


When your vacuum tubes were on the fritz, you’d bring them to one of these machines and test which ones were broken. They’re what made old TVs work, so it was kind of a big deal!

How many of these things did you recognize?

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