13 Original Country House Ideas Every Gardener Dreams About

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Wall farm

A vertical vegetable garden is not only convenient, but also practical. Plants growing on the walls can protect your house from the sun’s heat.

Irrigation system

Take care of your garden by installing a convenient irrigation system. You’ll need 2 hoses, a lateral beam, and sprinklers. Put it all together as shown in the picture below. Your back will thank you!

DIY drip irrigation system made from plastic bottles

This is a great and super simple way to water your plants! Just take 2 liter plastic bottles, make 2 or more holes in the sides and 2 in the bottom, and plant them next to your plants. Fill the bottles with water and that’s it! The water will slowly go straight to the roots. Watering from the root area instead of overhead will help to prevent fungus and reduce some leaf problems.


A fence made of durable materials can help to protect your beds from rodents. Voles will definitely not be able to cope with a brick or stone fence.

Flower decor

Plant some flowers along the garden beds. They not only look beautiful and smell great, but they can also help you to deter pests.

A cobblestone walkway

Clean the area where you want to make a cobblestone walkway and place the form to plan out its design. Mix a bag of cement with water and pour the mixture into the frame. Smooth the surface and carefully lift the frame off. And there you have it…a wonderful cobblestone walkway beautifying your outdoor space!

Beds for lazybones

Using your imagination, you can turn improvised materials into garden beds. Aluminum cans, kegs, plastic crates? Great! Let’s create.

Preview photo credit diyncrafts.com

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