14 brilliant ways to upcycle old lightbulbs

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8. Refurbish into a vase 
This simple DIY makes great Mother’s day and house warming gifts. You can either stand them on a table or hang them from the wall. What a creative way to display your blooms around your home. Here is the tutorial.
9. Make penguin ornaments
Here is another easy Christmas project. This penguin ornament made out of an old lightbulb is great to hang on your tree and decorate your home during the holidays. Check out the quick and easy tutorial here.

10. Make lightbulb seating cards for wedding
These lovely lightbulb seating cards are great accessories for your wedding. Spray paint and gold glitter on the lightbulb, and attach some paper name tags and double sided tape. Voila! You got yourself unique seating cards.
11. Make a lightbulb gift for your loved one
Are you looking for a unique gift for your loved one? Can’t find them in the mall? Look no more. All you need is an old lightbulb, wooden cube, gauge wire and a few tools. Here is the tutorial to get you started.
12. Make lightbulb pears
These lightbulb pears make the perfect autumn/winter craft. Ideal for decorating your table top, or arranging them in a clear vase. Check out the DIY tutorial here.
13. Upcycle into a glass sculpture
This project is great if you have a collection of old lightbulbs. That way, you can arrange the lightbulbs in a shape and design you want. These make great interior decor for bed side tables, dining rooms, and living rooms. Check out this simple tutorial here.
14. Make a glittery lightbulb decoration
This DIY glittery lightbulb decoration is a quick and easy project for those who are time limited. These make great gifts, hanging ornaments, and interior decorations. Here is the tutorial to these cute decorations.
Which of these projects are your favorites? Be sure to share them!
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