14 impressive ways to upcycle old gum container

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8. Tiny first aid kit
Always be prepared with this portable first aid kit, made from an old gum container. Stash band aids, antibacterial cream, gauze and some pain killers inside. Keep it in your car or in your purse so so you’ll be ready to handle any situation.
9. Snowmen gifts
It’s not gum exactly, but Mentos containers are the perfect vessel to creating a miniature snowman. With the three “humps” built in, just peel off the wrapper and you’ve got yourself a great starting point to add your own touch. Keep the Mentos inside, or fill it with whatever you’d like. These cuties make great gifts around the holidays.
10. Earbud holder
Never get your earbuds in a tangle again! Mint or gum containers make the perfect place to stash ’em, and you can even hook it to your purse with a keyring for easy access! Just add some decorative paper to cover up the label and make it a little more classy.
11. Doll house trash can
If you’ve got an American Girl doll collector in your home, make them a super cute trash can (that actually works!) that their doll can use. There’s even a tutorial to follow at Doll Diaries.
12. Coin container
This is a car hack you’ll definitely want to take advantage of. Never again will you be at a loss for coins when you need some for a toll, a parking meter or at a drive through.
13. Seed containers
Whether it’s gum containers or Tic Tac containers you’ve got, reuse them by storing seeds for your garden inside. The little opening makes it easy to pour them slowly when you’re planting.
14. Business card holder
So you’re a gum chewer, but you prefer the traditional, cardboard packages? We’ve got a project for you, too! Use those old packages as a place to stash the business cards you’ve collected. You don’t want to misplace all your networking connections, after all, and this is the perfect solution.
Which project are you most excited to try? If you’ve got any gum-chewing friends, be sure to share this project with them!
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