14 of the Most Tricked Out She-Sheds Ever

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Sometimes, a girl just needs to get away. But if you don’t have the money to hop on a plane, why not try the newest trend: the she-shed. These glamorous and zen hang out spots are the best thing to come along since the man-cave made it’s debut.

1. The Grown-Up Treehouse

Your old treehouse is all grown up and is now a totally chic place to kick back and relax.

TreehouseBrit + Co

2. Beach Haven

Into the sand and surf? This private resort for one has you taken care of. (Note the adorable outdoor shower.)

Beach ShedBrit + Co

3. Contemporary Clubhouse

Modern design AND a hammock? This is the perfect spot for the minimalist looking to escape.

Contemporary ShedBlogKusut

4. Yoga Abode

This quirky shed throws out Zen vibes all over the place. Put some incense and a few mats in there and you’ve got a place fit for a yoga goddess.

Yoga ShedThe Telegraph

5. Green Thumb Retreat

For those who are most relaxed out in the garden, why not be in the garden when you’re relaxing?

Garden ShedBrit + Co

6. Chill Zone

This trendy shed is the perfect place to get some writing done, listen to some tunes or finally finish that book you’ve been “reading” for the past few months.

Chill ShedGarden Design Magazine

7. Elegant Escape

Fancier decor taste? This she-shed is for you…crystal chandeliers and all.

Fancy ShedCountry Living

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