15 Brilliant Ideas to Make Your Tiny Bathroom Seem Bigger

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Tiny bathrooms are a pain. How are you supposed to fit toiletries, towels, make-up, etc. into a room the size of the linen closet? While it’s true there are some bathrooms too small to do anything with (I once had a bathroom so small that the door hit the sink when it opened and so did your knees if you sat on the toilet), many small bathrooms can be modified to hold more than you think they might or, at the very least, look like they do.

Check out these organizational and aesthetic tips to make your tiny bathroom seem bigger (and if your bathroom is too small for any of these to work, just know I feel your pain).

1. Framed Mirrors

Framing your bathroom mirror is a trendy update that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Find out how here.

2. Spicy Organization

Spice racks take up minimal space, can be mounted on the wall, and can store many bathroom supplies.

3. Towel Hooks

A coat rack can be turned into a towel rack easily enough and has space for far more towels.

4. StickOnPods

StickOnPods are ingenious little stick on holders for all your small bathroom supplies.

5. Magnetic Strips

Your metal bathroom accessories can be organized with handy magnetic strips.

6. Dual Shower Rods

An extra shower rod and some baskets can double shower storage space.

7. Over-the-Door Shelf

For those lesser used items, a shelf over the door works wonders.

8. Focal Points

Decorative focal points, like this clock, can help give the appearance of a larger space because they draw the eye to the center of the room.

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