15 Clever Key Holders You Need to Never Lose Your Keys Again!

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6. The One With the Dock and Key

We love a day on the water, so this Under Dock and Key Holder is on us. Simply hook the boat keychain onto your keys, and watch it slide into the bay.

7. The One With the Garage

As clever key holders go, this car and garage one by industrial designer Andre Rumann wins the race every time! Utilizing a playful design, this functional container allows for the car, van, or VW bus to be inserted at any point of the day and is the perfect gift for motor enthusiasts!

8. The One With the Upcycling

Make a small change to a plain tennis ball by cutting a slit for a mouth with a knife and sticking on googly eyes! Not only will you remember to pick up your keys, but you’ll have a laugh too.

9. The One With the Tune

Clip your everyday objects to these piano keys for an entertaining and visually stimulating accessory.

10. The One With the Plumage

Playful and kinetic, the Peacock Key Holder displays a blue and green accessory that fans open its plumage when you arrive with your key. Slot the key into its underbelly to watch the plumage expand.

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