15 Clever Key Holders You Need to Never Lose Your Keys Again!

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11. The One With the Romance

For the hopeless romantics among us, this quirky holder is a must for your joint home. Distinguish which keys are which with the female and male design, eliminating the issue of mixing your keys!

12. The One With the Face

No longer will you forget your glasses or keys, two of the most common forgotten objects known to man! Sitting neatly on a hallway table, rather than on the wall, this eccentric holder comes in a variety of color combinations and can hang keys from the tip of its curled mustache.

13. The One With the Wrench

Any DIY fan will understand the significance of this tool. Remember where your important items are with this industrial house decoration.

14. The One With the Croc

The Cantankerous Crocodile Wall Pocket is ready to gobble up your keys and clean up your clutter! This fun and functional sculpture is a must-have item to please kids and double as a handy key holder.

15. The One With the Amp

Become a rock star with this Marshall amp key holder. Designed to fit four sets of keys, the alternative rack adds volume to the start of the day!

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