15 Cool Home Inventions You Didn’t Know You Wanted

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Have you ever wished an invention existed that could solve a tiny issue for you? There’s a chance it’s been done already.

There’s also a chance that there are inventions out there that fix a problem you didn’t know you had, or that you didn’t realize was solvable. We’re used to seeing endless gadgets for the kitchen or electronic devices, but there are other universes of products.

Below, we compiled a set of cool creations that you’ll want to put on your “Oooooo, I want that!” wish list. If you see something you’ve thought of before, then maybe it’s time you launched your crowdfunding campaign so you can make some things happen too. Take a look!

  1. Baby Shower Cap

    It’s cute and functional. Save your baby’s face from waterfalls and shampoo ripples.

  2. Dog Umbrella

    My doggie protests going to the bathroom in the rain. This could be life changing. Find these leash-umbrellas online or at a pet store near you!

  3. Oven Pull

    invention oven pull

    Hey, oven mitts aren’t always the best fit for hot dishes of food. Play it safe with one of these.

  4. Multifunctional Bed

    There’s really no need to get out of the bed. There’s desk space, a chaise, bench, and shelving. All it needs is a fridge.

  5. Foot Brush

    Get squeaky clean feet with a foot scrubber. Buy one just like this from Footmate.

  6. Balcony Desk

    A unique design from balkonzept. Take your work outside and enjoy the view. Not only does this come with a built-in flower box, but it’s so versatile you can use it for meals, snacks, or even as a cat nook.

  7. Napping Pillow

    For when your job demands a power nap, this mini Ostrich Pillow is here to save your arm from drool and your face from indentation marks. Put it on your wish list.

  8. Flashlight Slippers

    No more worrying about going bump in the night when going for a midnight snack. You can order these online from a number of retailers.

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