15 Cool Home Inventions You Didn’t Know You Wanted

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  1. Laser Scissors

    Cut in a straight line! Think of all the fabric, paper, and gift wrap that awaits your trained hand. You can buy these on Amazon!

  2. Fart-Filtering Undies

    Yes, it’s really a thing. And yes, your prayers have been answered. A company named Shreddies has created a product that many people will appreciate. Buy some for your loved one today.

  3. Mirror Wiper

    It’s like a windshield wiper for your bathroom! Stick the suction cup to your mirror and enjoy a steam free reflection.

  4. Shopping Bag Carrier

    Wondering where you can get one of these? Google has the answers, but eBay has some of these bag carriers for about $3.

  5. Covert Water Bottle

    Don’t hit the gym or the walking trail without one of these. Store your personal effects in a secret compartment.

  6. Foldable Hanger

    Easily slip hangers onto your clothes without stretching the neck holes. Check it out at Quirky.

  7. Shower Shaving Stand

    Step up your shaving game and quit being about that slippery life. Get one of these shaving pedestals and kiss the crouching and back strain goodbye! You can find them at a variety of online retailers.

The awesomeness doesn’t stop with this list. Hundreds of useful gadgets and whatchamacallits are either up for sale or in development. Keep your eyes peeled for more genius and ingenious ideas that have come to life. Maybe there will be one from your own mind!

What are your thoughts on these items? Which of these do you want for yourself or someone you know? Is there another cool invention that you know about?a

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