15 creative ways to use PVC pipe at home and in the garden

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Though they’re meant for plumbing and drainage, PVC pipes are one of the most versatile building tools out there. The things you can build with PVC pipes are pretty much endless.

Now that summer is here, you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors with family and friends and PVC pipes are the perfect way to maximize your summer fun and create the ultimate outdoor space.

1) Lounge Swing

Have a swing, take a nap, it’s up to you with this PVC pipe lounge swing.

Source: Pinterest

2) Water Balloon Catapult

What’s more fun than a water balloon fight? A water balloon fight via water balloon catapult! Find out how to make it here.

Source: Home Depot

3) Outdoor Shower

Need a way to cool off from the heat or clean up after being in the pool all day? You don’t have to run inside to take a shower. You can easily make this outdoor shower with some PVC pipe. Get the tutorial here.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

4) Pool Lounger

With a few PVC pipes and some halved pool noodles (you can get these from the $1 store these days) you can create this inexpensive, but comfy, pool lounge float.

Source: Pinterest

5) Pool Float/Toy Holder

Now that you’ve made your cool PVC lounge float, you’ll want a place to store it. You can store all of your pool floats and toys in one neat place with this PVC project. You can get the tutorial on how to make it here.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

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