15 creative ways to use PVC pipe at home and in the garden

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6) Hammock Stand

There’s nothing like swinging in the breeze and taking a glorious nap in a hammock. You can make your own hammock stand from PVC pipes. Learn how here.

Source: Pinterest

7) Bow and Arrow

Brush up on your archery skills with these kid-safe DIY bow and arrows. Here‘s how to make them.

Source: Skip to My Lou

8) Raft

You don’t have to spend hundreds on a fun lake raft or boat. You can build the one below following this tutorial.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

8) Towel Rack

Instead of having towels lying all over your backyard or draped over the fence, you can make this cool DIY towel rack from PVC pipe. Get the tutorial here.

Source: Smarty Pants Mama

9) Water Shooters

Your house will be the coolest on the block, the one with the water gun fights, with these cool PVC water shooters. You’ll find the directions here.

Source: Instructables

10) Sprinkler

These run-through sprinkler will equal hours and hours of outdoor fun. Learn how to make it here.

Source: Home Depot

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