15 Fabulous Manicures You Never Thought to Try Until Now

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  1. Rock those glittering French tips

    The secret to getting glittery tips with the most impactful shine? A mattifying silver base coat, of course!

  2. Ditch the polish for colorful Sharpies

    Remember when you used to give yourself magic marker manicures in grade school? (Don’t even pretend like you don’t remember!) Well, this Sharpie nail hack is a SERIOUS step up from those recess doodles!

  3. Join the “matte” side

    We love matte nails because a) they are utterly unexpected and b) they pretty much go with anything. Hey, they’re not for everyone, but they sure are for us!

  4. Put a spin on a floral classic

    Sure, you can request a delicate flower to be added to your manicure at most nail salons, but they rarely come with the sophisticated edge of this understated black and white design.

  5. Customize your color

    Why wear a color that millions of other nails are currently rocking when you can create your very own with polishes you already have in your makeup drawer?

  6. Go full-out glam the RIGHT way

    “What is the right way to go full-out glam?” you may be asking. Well, let’s just say it involves painting as much glitter on those nails as possible!

  7. Show the holidays some love

    It’s never too early to start planning your holiday manicure looks!

  8. Make your own water marble nail stickers

    Yep, we have a brilliant workaround for this notoriously difficult manicuring technique—and the results are gorgeous. You can thank us later!

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