15 Fabulous Manicures You Never Thought to Try Until Now

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  1. Give yourself the trippiest manicure around

    Nope, that’s not an illustration; that’s exactly what your nails will look like after you try this melted monochrome technique. Talk about hypnotic!

  2. Get electrifying nails

    Did you know that an ordinary piece of scotch tape can help you achieve this razor-sharp thunderbolt design? No expensive nail kit required!

  3. Show your edge

    The ‘90s-throwback shattered-nail look like you’ve never seen it before!

  4. When drippy polish is good polish

    You wouldn’t believe it, but this dripping polish look is surprisingly versatile. Who knew something so creepy could also look so chic?!

  5. Start a buzz with this bumblebee nail art

    Add a flash of spring to the cold season with this eye-popping, bumblebee-inspired manicure.

  6. Paint on perfectly straight stripes

    All you need to achieve this look is a pair of scissors and your favorite polish!

  7. Add some sophistication to your wine night

    We just can’t get enough of this merlot-inspired manicure. It’s a seriously refined spin on the old-school French tip look!

We don’t know about you, but we are really amped to show off these iconic polish looks. What are your thoughts on these revolutionary nail techniques? Have you tried on any of these looks before? What has been your all-time favorite at-home manicure?

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