Here Are 15 Fun and Fancy DIY Ways to Use Cinder Blocks Around Your Home and Garden

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  1. Bedside Table

    cinderblock endtabledwell

    Bedside tables are to desks as bikinis are to outfits: they both require less material to make, yet they all come in at around the same price. It just makes no sense! So, instead of dropping your monthly grocery allowance on nightstands, just pretty up a couple of cinder blocks. Cute!

  2. Birdhouse

    cinder block birdhouseLowes

    Wanting to add a touch of that modern “industrial” look to your backyard? If so, then look no further than this eye-catching cinder block birdhouse. Your high flying friends will thank you for their trendy new home!

  3. Bed Frame

    cinder block bed frameDesign Tripper

    Add some lift to your mattress with a few cinder blocks. Not only will this super simple project give you some added storage space in your bedroom, it also allows you to change up the look of your room with ease. Prop it high, or take it down low—it’s completely up to you!

  4. Art

    cinderblockartReality Daydream

    Believe it or not, cinder blocks can also serve as the perfect canvases for some gorgeous art. Spray ‘em with paint, glue on a mosaic, or cover them in wall paper. Time to get your artist on!

  5. Stackable Candle Holders

    cinderblock candleThe Horticult

    Ensconce your tea lights in protective concrete with this illuminating hack. What a beautiful (and safe!) way to burn your favorite candles.

  6. Steps

    cinderblock stepsThe Figure 5

    Add some variety to your garden with these cinder block steps. Soon, you’ll be seeing your beloved plants from a whole new point of view!

  7. Outdoor Bar

    cinder block outdoor barBetter Homes and Gardens

    Make your very own bar and eating space in your backyard with this fun project. Materials for a big, beautiful bar like this will only set you back about $700. How cool is that?!

We bet you’ll never look at cinder blocks the same way again! To get the full tutorials on each and every one of these projects, be sure to click on their titles above for links.

What do you think of these cinder block projects? Have you tried any of these before yourself? Do you have any that you would like to add to the list?

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