15 Incredible Ways to Eat Eggs for Dinner

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  1. Eggs and Asparagus Over Grits

    Egg, Grits, AsparagusHappyolks

    Pairing poached eggs and asparagus is a match made in heaven, and serving them over some Southern-style grits really makes for some unbelievable deliciousness.

  2. Egg Pizza

    Egg PizzaDesserts for Breakfast

    Pizza is already a perfect dinner. Baking some eggs on top is a just another surprising way to somehow make pizza even better.

  3. Eggs Benedict Burger

    Egg BurgerThe Brewer and the Baker

    If you haven’t tried eggs on your burger yet, you need to pull it together and get on this dinner immediately.

  4. Italian Baked Eggs

    GemmasItalianBakedEggsGemma Stafford

    This baked Italian spin on your morning eggs also works great as a dinner! Full of tomatoes and melting Parmigiano Reggiano, this dish should not be confined to just one designated meal.

  5. Asparagus Salad


    Egg is the perfect topping for a salad. It adds a punch of protein and compliments the sharper flavors of asparagus and shallots in this dish.

  6. Pan-Seared Steak and Eggs

    Pan-SearedSmokySteakAndEggsColorful Eats

    Does anything scream “dinner” more than a nice seared steak? Now bring the breakfast by cooking a deliciously seasoned egg on top of your prime cut.

  7. Spaghetti Squash, Spinach and Egg


    For a healthy dinner, substitute pasta for spaghetti squash then add spinach and an egg for mind-blowing flavor. Who said healthy can’t taste good?

  8. Twice Baked Potato with Egg

    Potato EggHome Cooking Adventure

    This meal is essentially your hash browns and your eggs all in one glorious union. Bake your egg inside your potato (and don’t skimp on the cheese!) for a seriously impressive and one-of-a-kind dinner.

What egg-inspired dinners have you made that were a hit? Share your brinner brilliance with us in the comments section below.

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