15 Inventions for Your Home That Deserve the Nobel Prize Right Now

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7. Mini iron

This iron is ideal for traveling. Because of its compact size, it can easily fit even in hand luggage.

6. Portable light balls

You can easily take along one of the light balls of this night lamp by Boon if you need to get somewhere at night.

5. Mini Power charger

The main feature of this portable charger invented by designer Tsung Chih-Hsien is its miniature size. The device will fit even in the smallest bag.

4. Illuminated showerhead

No, this isn’t just for decoration: it’s a temperature indicator. Also, it is hydropowered and doesn’t require any batteries or chargers.

3. Smart bed

“Knows you. Senses you. Adjusts to you.” This is the Sleep Number bed that reacts to body temperature, warms you, and can even wake you up in the morning.

2. Butterfly keyboard

Keyboardio is a modernized version of the keyboard we are so used to. Due to the unusual arrangement of the keys, it allows you to keep your hands in a natural position when typing.

1. Multifunctional bed

This bed is both a workbench and a place for rest. It has everything you may possibly wish for: an audio system, special lighting, and numerous storage cells.

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