15 Nifty Tricks That Will Change the Way You Use Your Fridge

You know how you buy stuff like sour cream or the latest fancy yogurt and then a month later find it unopened and past its date at the back of the fridge behind some moldy asparagus? Yeah . . . that’s got to stop, right? Who needs to be wasting all of this money? Most people don’t like to waste money, anyway.

Especially when there are ways to avoid it. Ways that even keep your fridge clean so you don’t have to do that half a day clean up the sticky mess routine. Donella Crigger has written an article for onecrazyhouse.com in which you’ll find a bevy of cute and fun ways to organize your fridge for optimal use and easy clean up. Here’s a little spoiler: you can use dry erase marker on it. To get the rest, click the link below!

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