15 Sewing Tricks Your Grandma Should Have Showed You

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Sewing Tricks Every Crafter Needs to Know

Fill a pincushion with steel wool to make your own needle-sharpening pincushion.

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Washi tape is invaluable in the sewing room! Mark fabric, use it to make bias binding, mark out seams, etc. It’s 1/4″ wide, so it’s a handy seam measuring tool!

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Create gathers in fabric using the cheating method (aka the corded zig zag method). Simply sew a large zig zag stitch over a piece of yarn, and use the yarn to gather the fabric before using a straight stitch to sew the gathers in place.

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Tired of pinning fabrics? Make your own heavy duty fabric weights using washers and a hot glue gun. Genius!

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Create your own hemline tool out of cardstock. It’ll help you iron perfectly straight hemlines and folds every time.

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After sewing buttons on, cover them with a coat of clear nail polish to keep the thread from unraveling and to hold the button in place longer. (We have more nail polish hacks!)

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