15 Simple Cleaning Hacks That Would Make Martha Stewart Proud

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13. Keep ceiling fan blades dust-free by using a pillowcase to clean them.

This is another trick I use in my home and it works like a charm. All you have to do is slide a pillowcase over each blade and pull the dust off. This prevents the dust from flying everywhere and you just have to toss it in the wash afterward.

14. Clean your bathtub with Dawn and a broom.

According to Jillee from One Good Thing, the broom’s bristles mixed with the grease-cutting abilities of the soap work wonders on scum, mildew, and other residues people tend to find in their tub.

One Good Thing

15. Fill a large bucket with water by using a pool noodle as a funnel.

Obviously you’re going to want to make sure there’s a hole in the pool noodle before you buy it, but other than that, this trick is simple and effective.

What’s your favorite cleaning hack?

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