16 Basic Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

There are enough unexpected obstacles in everyday life. A few basic life hacks can make the simple things even simpler. A few things lying around the house could help you out in unexpected ways, including:

  • Bobby pins,
  • Post-its,
  • Stickers.

Life is complicated enough as it is, embracing these basic hacks will help you with the simple problems in life so you can focus on the big ones.

Here are 16 basic life hacks everyone should know.

1. If you’ve ever lent a pen to a classmate or colleague, chances are, you didn’t get it back. Pens get stolen all the time, but one way to avoid this is to take out the blue ink and place it in a red pen. No one steals a red pen.

2. Before you throw out your tube of toothpaste, make sure you’re not wasting any! Use two bobby pins to slide up the tube so don’t miss out on any fresh minty-goodness.

3. It doesn’t take long for keyboards to get dirty, but Cheetos lovers rejoice! Post-it notes are a great little tool to clean the hard to reach areas of your keyboard. The sticky strip will collect all of that grime that used to call your fingertips home.

4. If your closet has no room for your hangers to slide, try using a soda can tab to create some more hanging room. Slide a tab onto a hanger and you get an additional hole to throw another one on.

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5. While most of us know we’re supposed to drink 8 cups of water a day, it’s a hard thing to measure. To make sure you’re properly hydrated, create lines on your water bottle so you’re drinking at least 200 ml every two hours.

6. If you like to watch movies or shows on your phone, try using a pair of sunglasses as a makeshift stand to prop it up. Aha!

7. Onions can be used for a lot of things other than eating! Using a strip of onion film on a fresh cut can help stop bleeding.

8. If you were a potty-mouthed child, you may be familiar with soap in your mouth. However, turns out there’s some major benefits to doing so. Brushing your teeth with soap can remove plaque and buildup that toothpaste won’t!

9. Sometimes one pizza isn’t enough, but your pan size and oven might tell you otherwise. Cutting your pizzas in half will allow you to cook two at once!

10. If you want to organize all of your unruly cables, try using a Lego man to hold them for you!

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11. Want an ice cold beverage fast? Take some wet paper towel and cover your beverage before placing it in the freezer. This process will have your drink refreshingly chilly in just a couple of minutes!


12. One way to save a broken flip flop is to use a bread clip to secure that rubber thong! An ideal solution for campers and sloppy music festival goers alike


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13. Keep your fingers Cheeto-dust free by using chopsticks! A sure way to avoid orange fingers and also practice your chopsticks skills so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of your much hipper and more cultured friends at sushi night.

14. Don’t let a brain freeze hold you back from indulging in an icy treat. Press your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth to relieve your brain freeze.

15. Filling a big container of water isn’t easy with the limiting size of sink, but using a dustpan will help you transport that water to a bucket in no time!


16. Don’t have a dustpan? No worries! Cutting off this part of a milk jug will give you a ready to use makeshift dustpan instantly!