16 Gorgeous Decor Tricks For People Who Rent

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When you first move out of your parents’ house, chances are you’re probably going to be living in a rental apartment or a shared house. This usually means that you aren’t allowed to change many things when it comes to decoration.

Tape and posters can only go so far, and when you’re unable to use nails or paint it can definitely be a little tricky to add personality to your space. It can also get pretty pricey seeing as you’re forced to think outside of the box.

Not everyone is a natural DIY decorator, but there are actually a ton of cute hacks you can implement in your space to make it more creative and personal, without denting your wallet too much.

Here are 15 renter-friendly decor hacks that you’ll want to try at home.

1. This awesome before and after shot of an eye sore patio is great for people living in the city. The Crafted Life put together instructions for a renter friendly patio makeover and it’s hard to believe they’re the same space!

2. To give your washroom a bit more flare, you can use stick-on subway tiles. There are ways that you can put them up without sticking them directly to the drywall. You can get a pack of 10 peel-and-stick subway tiles from Amazon for $37.97

3. If you do end up having to drill a hole, or you accidentally dent the wall, you can patch it up using some spackle before you move out.

4. To avoid scratching the floors, repurpose your old corks and glue them to the bottom of your chairs and tables.

5. Lean heavier objects like a painting or a mirror against the wall too. This mirror propped atop a suitcase almost works as a piece of furniture.

6. Use floating shelves to save on space and avoid having to scuff the walls. You can suspend knick knacks or succulents to bring some flare to the room.

7. If you prefer art over photographs, you can try a hanging wall piece. They’re elegant and simple and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

8. Or if you want to hang framed art you can do so with adhesive strips. A small piece on the top and bottom of your frame is all you need!

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