16 Gorgeous Decor Tricks For People Who Rent

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9. Hang polaroids or cut outs on your wall using clothes pegs and string lights. It beats having to swap photos from picture frames. Just clip them in and out whenever you want!

10. Plop a rug down to save your floor from scuffs and to add a bit of color to the room. See how much it makes this room pop?

11. Hang clothes on some wooden dowels and copper pipe elbows which you can find at Home Depot. All you’ll need is some glue! It’s great if you have a small closet space.

12. Can’t paint the walls? Hang up some curtains to bring some color to the room using a tension rod or reusable adhesive hooks.

13. Or you can try some removable wallpaper. Comes in lots of fun colors and it’s easy to take down when you move on.

14. Pop your kitchen cabinets by covering them in Washi tape! This stuff is basically made to be stuck to furniture so go ahead and cover everything in your kitchen with Washi tape.

15. Anything can be a shoe rack if you put your mind to it. Place one by the front door to encourage people to take off their shoes.

And there you have it! 15 awesome renter-friendly decor hacks. Quick tip for when you move out: before you leave, ask your landlord to come inspect the place in case there’s anything they want to go over with you.


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