16 Utterly Surprising Ways to Use Table Salt

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Get rid of shoe odor

Eliminate bad odors from smelly shoes by putting cloth bags full of salt into them. Let these bags do their work, and your shoes will smell better in a couple of hours. You can also just sprinkle some salt inside your shoes, shake them, and vacuum up the salt.

Source: rd

Get rid of ants

To get rid of ants, combine salt and water in a 1:4 ratio in a bottle. Spray this solution where you see ants congregating, or just sprinkle some salt over those areas.

Source: healthyandnaturalworld

Prepare safe and cheap homemade paint for kids

Using simple ingredients, you can make your own homemade paint for your kids. In a bowl, blend 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of salt. Then add 1 cup of water and a few drops of food coloring.

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Prevent sliced fruit and vegetables from turning brown

Keep fresh fruit and veggie slices from turning brown by putting them into a bowl filled with saltwater.

Sources: wikihow, epicurious

Remove onion smell from hands

The oils in garlic and onion leave a scent on your hands after cooking. However, the solution is quite simple: wet your hands, rub them all over with salt, then rinse.

Sources: wikihow, gluesticksgumdrops

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