17 Clever Style Tricks Every Girl Needs to Know

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7. How to Stretch Out Your Shoes (Painlessly)

Gone are the days of tottering around your living room like Bambi! Stretch out your new shoes with this ingenious method instead.

Stretch ShoesBetterRemade

8. Double the Layers, Half the Frump

Layering is a very hot trend, especially for these chilly winter months. But layering can also leave you looking bulky and frumpy in the torso. To avoid the frump but keep all the fabulousness of the layers, put a tank top between the two layers. It seems counter intuitive, but the tank keep the bottom shirt from bunching up.


9. Revive Your Riding Boots

In these winter months, dirt and salt can be a killer for our #1 winter essential: the riding boot. Make your dull boots look like new with ingredients you probably have right at home.

Style Tricks Edited11 and Chic

10. Perfectly Cuffed Sleeves

One of my favorite blogs, Who What Wear, shows us how to get those perfectly messy cuffs.

Cuff SleevesWho What Wear

11. New Knotty Ways to Wear Your Scarf

Fall and winter make scarves my absolute favorite accessory – I wear them constantly. If you’re like me and you’re looking for a new, crisp way to wear your favorite scarf, this is a great tutorial.

Scarf TieMiss Polly Roger

12. Repair Your Favorite Bra

It is a sad day when the wires on your favorite bra start to poke through. To avoid the heartbreak of throwing away that Victoria’s Secret push-up, use some moleskin to cover the offending areas.

Bra RepairChaotically Creative

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