17 Genius Ways to Use Clothespins Around the House

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Back in your mother’s day or, more likely, your grandmother’s day, clothespins were a household staple. How else were you supposed to hang up the wash on those clothes lines to dry? Now that pretty much every household has a dryer, or is within easy distance of a laundromat, clothespins don’t see much use in their original form. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve become obsolete.

Crafts, hacks, and simple shortcuts all have brilliant uses for clothespin, many of which probably never crossed your mind, but are still extremely useful. Curious? Read on to find out just how much you could benefit by keeping clothespins around the house.

For Spoons

A clothes pin is a great way to keep those spoons from sliding into a pot.

For Pants

Make your own pants hangers with ease.

For Candles

Clothes pins are key in homemade candle making. To learn how to make candles from scratch, check out this tutorial.

For Photos

Make a charming photo display. Great for birthday parties and anniversaries.

For Bikes

Clip a light to your bike for night time riding with a clothes pin.

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