17 Photos That Wouldn’t Be Possible One Second Later

We love cool photos of all kinds—from wildlife photos to wedding pictures and beyond, photos tell stories of moments that might’ve otherwise been forgotten had someone not captured it.

Then there are the photos that were snapped just at the right moment for something to look totally funky. But once you figure out what’s going on, you can’t help but laugh (and also wonder how the photographer was able to take it right at that moment).

Check out some of our favorite below—and try not to be amused.


  1. Hello in there

    Listen, some of us are just really concerned about what’s going on in our dog’s anal region, okay? We’re not judging.

  2. The smooch that wasn’t

    Is this kid with an abnormally large head getting a peck on the cheek? Or is this girl interested in the person behind him? Clever, kid, clever.

  3. Bird selfie

    This studious bird just wanted to capture how poised he looked in this moment. Get it, birdie.

  4. Mom’s martini mishap

    The funniest part of this picture is the child’s mid thumbs-up. Also, Dad? Hello?

  5. Dog human

    Don’t look now, but this is the first ever dog with human arms and legs.

  6. A new kind of vinyasa

    These innocent souls are just trying to get their yoga flow on and stretch out their muscles.

  7. A perfect plane

    It’s not every day you look up and see a plane perfectly positioned in the middle of surrounding buildings…or that you can pull your camera out that quickly and capture the moment to a T. We’re impressed!

  8. Plop

    Ah, the moment right before a fall. We bet if we could see this kid’s face it would be full of regret.

  9. Fire-breathing pups

    We’re pretty sure the one on the right is a dragon in disguise.

  10. A secret message

    We’re wondering if this man really needs help and just needed to go about asking in a discrete way. The world may never know.

  11. The newest ice skating move

    We’ll just leave this one to your own imagination. The captions are endless. (Side note: Do we think she’s breathing?)

  12. Buff cat

    But seriously, where can we find a cat as cute as this with muscles as sexy as that? (We can’t stop giggling at this one!)

  13. Cake fail

    The look of sheer horror on this woman’s face is literally all of us. #RIPCake

  14. Legs for days

    We bet his drinks are as good as his stems.

  15. We’re seeing double

    What’s better than one adorable yawning dog? Two adorable yawning dogs. Especially when it looks like this. Brilliant.

  16. Why we don’t meditate on the beach

    And to think this girl was just trying to find a quiet moment. (We really wanted to know how this one ended.)

  17. Gone fishing

    Just a girl and her dog chilling on a pier fishing. I mean a dog and his girl…a girl and her…I mean a…wait what is happening?