18 fun DIY fall craft ideas to get you ready for Thanksgiving

Buying fall decor can be expensive, and honestly pointless, especially considering you only use it once a year. To brighten your fall days, try these simple autumn DIY projects!

1. Construction Paper Pumpkins

These cute construction paper pumpkins are everything you’d need this fall to make a statement without having to spend a ton of money. Plus, these make a great project for the kids!


2. Personalized Gloves

If you’re looking for an easy gift with a touch of personal flare, try embroidering cute nicknames on some fuzzy gloves! Everyone will love these adorable gloves this fall.


3. A Welcoming Wreath

Making a DIY wreath can be surprisingly simple and will add a cute touch of autumn spirit to your porch. Keep it simple with just an initial and some festive fall leaves.


4. More Wreaths!

We are loving this burlap wreath! Try adding a blackboard to the center of your wreath to change your festive fall message over the season.


5. Cute Paper Owl

This DIY paper plate owl is so cute and so easy – this makes a great project for any and all kids. All you need is some colored paper, plate, and paint!

6. Foxy Cup Collar

When getting your pumpkin spice latte this fall season, be sure to make your own adorable cup collar. All you need is some creativity and some felt, and you’ll be all set this autumn.


7. Painted Pumpkins

If you’re tired of the classic orange pumpkins, then you might want to try this neat DIY trick. Buy a white pumpkin and then just get creative with some paint!


8. Autumn Mason Jars

To make these adorable mason jars, all you need is a cute leaf stencil and some paint. To add some extra cuteness, tie some hay around the top.


9. Autumn Leaf Art

To get this amazing piece of art, all you need a sponge and a leaf. Try sponging on paint on top of your leaf to get it saturated to bleed through to your canvas.


10. More Paper Pumpkins!

We cannot get enough of these adorable pumpkins! If you’re looking for another for eclectic DIY project, try these little guys to brighten up your house decor!


11. Wooden Deer Decor

How can you not be obsessed with these amazing and nifty deer decor? While these might take a little more effort to make, these will be perfect for either autumn or winter decor!


12. UpCycled Pumpkin Bird Feeder

These festive fall bird feeders are everything your garden needs this fall! All you need is some recycled milk cartons and you’ve got yourself the perfect homes for any and all autumn birds.


13. Candy Corn Wine Bottles

I had to add, of course, perfectly recycled wine bottles in this list – as if you need another reason to open a bottle this fall season. These wine bottles are so cute, and cheap! The perfect combo for any autumn decor!


14. Ombre Pinecones

For these beautiful little pinecones, all you need is some creativity and some paint. If you’re feeling really artistic, you can follow the picture below and try making a cute ombre too!


15. Felt Animal Art

Just like the little cup collars, these animals are perfect for any and all kids projects. Make sure you have some colored felt and google eyes, and you’ve got yourself some seriously cute decorations.


16. DIY Squash Candle Holders

While I wouldn’t recommend doing this with real squash, it’s definitely a possibility. Try using a plastic squash and fill with sand until your candle can sit almost to the rim of the squash.


17. Festive Mason Jars

For a more simple-looking candle holder, try just using clear mason jars and filing with fall items, like corn and acorns. This can still give you that autumn look without going over the top.


18. DIY Autumn Banner

This fall-themes banner is perfect for any event! All you need are some leaves, pinecones, plastic berries, and any cloth scraps you have lying around.