19 Amazing DIY Cinder Block Projects

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Cinder blocks are potentially one of the most abundant and the most dull construction materials. They are inexpensive and easy to obtain, but often they just seen drab and boring. So many cinder block projects don’t use these construction tools creatively and just end up creating boring or awkward pieces of grey concrete.

If you haven’t been impressed with cinder block projects in the past, or you have some cinder blocks that you are dying to use on a creative project, look no further. These 19 cinder block projects will put new life into cinder blocks and leave you wondering what other awesome things you can make from simple concrete bricks.

1. Cinder Lights


Light up your cinder blocks with this awesome light formation.

2. Cinder Kabob

Use cinder blocks as a makeshift grill and make delicious kabobs.

3. Cinder Fire Pit

Fire pits can be easily and efficiently made with cinder blocks.

4. Cinder Bench

Make a unique and gorgeous bench with wood and cinder blocks.

5. Cinder Planter

Cinder blocks can be used as unique planters as well.

6. Cinder Wood Storage

Use a couple cinder blocks to create a neat v-shaped base for wood or other similar storage needs.

7. Cinder Garden Fence

Create a unique and inexpensive garden barrier with cinder blocks. Color them for more festive and unique appeal.

8. Cinder Stairs


Embedded cinder blocks in dirt (and fill in the holes) to create efficient and unique-looking stairs for multi-level projects.

9. Cinder Raised Box

Create a raised-box garden block with solid cinder blocks.

10. Cinder Desk

Use some cinder blocks to hold up a wood board for a unique and inexpensive desk.

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