20 Clever Ways To Use WD-40 That Will Only Make Your Life Easier

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16. Clean stains out of your fridge

You know those mystery stains that seem to become a part of the fridge after a while? Well, they don’t have to. When you can’t get them out with regular cleaning supplies, the WD-40 will help break it all down so you can wipe it up no problem.

17. Conditions your leather furniture

You know when your leather couches get a little worn out? Well, keep it soft and shiny by spraying some WD-40 on and buffing it in with a soft cloth.

18. Removes crayon and marker from the walls

It happens to all of us, the kid gets a crayon and suddenly the wall is an abstract art piece. If you want to take it down, a little WD-40 will take it off without ruining the paint.






19. Keep dead bugs from sticking to your car

It’s inevitable, but you can prevent the annoying bug splatter all over the front of your car if you spray the WD-40 on the grill. It’ll also make the ones that do manage to get stuck on easier to wipe off.

20. Clean oil spots from your driveway

If you notice some oil spots on your driveway you can easily remove them by spraying a generous amount of WD-40 on the area before spraying it down with water. It should wash away no problem!

There’s obviously a lot that WD-40 can do, so make sure you keep it in stock in your house!

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Source – Readers Digest / Huffington Post

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