20 Dogs Who’ve Learned How To Beg At An Expert Level

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We know just how much dogs love food. That’s why so many of them crouch under the table and beg for some yummy scraps.

Unfortunately, it tends to be for food that isn’t safe for them to eat, so they never succeed in their escapades.

But does that mean these pups realize their begging is fruitless? Nope! Instead, to them, it means they just have to try even harder.

They’re clearly not doing enough yet to win free treats anytime they want, but the goal is far from unattainable – at least in their minds!

In fact, it’s almost like these pups believe that there’s a secret action they can perform that will earn them instant access to what everyone else is eating.

Sorry, guys, but it just doesn’t work that way – not that it’ll stop them from trying.

Here are 20 hilarious pups who managed to take the act of begging for food to a whole new level!

1. This dog, who doesn’t care that he’s too short to see the table himself.


2. This dog, who isn’t afraid to step on others on her way to success.


3. This dog, who just can’t wait for the grilling to be done…

4. … just like this pup, who knows the pain of “so close yet so far” all too well.

5. This shaggy pooch, who pretends he’d never ever dream of begging for food.


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