20 easy hacks to keep your home organized, beautiful, and clean

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11.) Use a Shower Rod for Storage

Place a storage rod on the inside of your shower and hang stuff from it for extra storage.

Source: MacGyverisms

12.) Hang Your Pants With Shower Curtains

Use shower curtains to hang your pants so they take up less room in your closets or drawers.

Source: Simply Spaced

13.) Hide a Key With a Pinecone

Place a key inside a prescription bottle or camera film case and glue a pinecone or a rock to the top of it. You can hide it by burying it into the ground with the pinecone sticking out.


14.) Aluminum Foil Balls Instead of Dryer Sheets

You can ball up some aluminum foil and use it in place of dryer sheets.

Source: Awesome Inventions

15.) DIY Dry Erase Board

Use a picture frame with a piece of glass as a dry erase board.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

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