20 easy hacks to keep your home organized, beautiful, and clean

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16.) Use Foam Noodles As Door Stops

Cut a foam pool noodle in half and screw it to your wall to prevent your doors from scratching your walls.

Source: Today’s Homeowner

17.) Tissue Box For Plastic Bags

Stuff your plastic grocery bags inside of an empty tissue box to keep those bags from taking over your cabinets.

Source: Grow Creative

18.) Tennis Ball Holder

Glue a suction cup to the back of a tennis ball and slit a hole in the front. The slit or “mouth” will hold all sorts of items like mail, a pen, or a sweatshirt. Googley eyes are optional.

Source: home tweaks

19.) Hide Your Router With Fake Books

Cut the side off of a hollow book-shaped box, decorate it and use it to hide your ugly router.

Source: Pinterest

20.) Squeegee Pet Hair

Source: A1 Hobbies

A squeegee can be used to remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery.

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